Peter Pepper, the Pepper-Spray Cop

We wereI was hungover from Thanksgiving Part II yesterday and lazed about while playing NES games. Suddenly, I realized I could add to the pepper spray cop meme.

In other news, there was an Amish beard cutting spree which is odd enough by itself, but made more curious by the fact that it was perpetuated by other Amish wielding battery powered trimmers. This article doesn’t even begin to address the important questions, for instance, why has the lord taken a stance against buttons and electricity, but not batteries?

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  1. Holly Folly November 28, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    I think the Amish in my area are Amish-ish. I have seen their kids get off the school bus, and while I don’t think they have cars, they have tractors. Which they will drive to the store to buy junk food. Makes me wonder sometimes…

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