Nom or Vom: Can’t trust a pig with watermelons, y’know?


Damn, Nabisco. You give and you give. What would my Nom or Voms be without you? For your consideration, today we have watermelon oreos. Frankly, I don’t consider golden oreos to be oreos at all, and you shouldn’t either. How disappointed would you be to order some kind of dessert that includes oreos and receive the golden kind? Exactly. They’re just boring vanilla sandwich cookies masquerading in oreo’s clothing, so I do appreciate the effort to make them taste like something other than cardboard.

Pros: It could cover up the cardboard-y nature of the golden oreo, and could quite possibly taste summer-y without the mess and seeds of the actual fruit

Cons: Artificial watermelon is nearly universally awful, if you buy these you are supporting cookie shammery

Would you eat watermelon Oreos?

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