A Haven for Trolls in Sequim, WA

troll haven headquarters

troll scroll

amazing door

troll haven


dragon gate

troll club

barn and gate


green troll pole

troll barn


hornet ear troll

old squinty

one foot troll

skeksis troll

Some settings make the mythological seem more plausible. I found myself in Sequim on a misty morning, fog curling around the trees, and it made sense to me that trolls would congregate at Bandy’s Troll Haven, a place where the sun would never turn them to stone, a place that lives up to their legendary reputation of overruning farms and estates. Gary Bandy, the creator of Troll Haven, was deeply interested in Tolkein’s Middle Earth stories and was wealthy enough (from his invention of a special door hinge) to decorate his properties in truly eccentric fashion, scattering trolls, wizards, and dragons around his castle and surrounding orchards and farmland. Better yet, some of the properties of Troll Haven are available to rent–I’m already pondering ideas for epic parties. I hope they have a recommended vendor for insurance in case of party-crashing trolls.


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  1. Kraig Knutson May 8, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    Why am I not surprised

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