Five Reasons Why I Hate Fanfiction

1. It’s lazy. Instead of coming with their own characters, fan-ficcers piggyback on an actual writer’s hard work in the hopes of *poof* instant recognition. Popular media + buttsex = internet famous?

2. Their tendencies to rewrite endings of books/movies/etc that they don’t like because it doesn’t fit within their very narrow worldview of what ‘should’ happen, and then have the audacity to call it FIXING the ending. Because, of course, they know better than the original writer how things should end. I didn’t like the end of The Dark Tower. Yet somehow I’ve managed to refrain from writing an alternate ending that involves Roland and the Crimson King buttsexing each other at the top of the Tower to fix the Beams with sexy man-goo while Oy and Susanah ride Mordred up the side to peek in through the window and Jake and Eddie pop out of two separate trans-dimensional roses in the fields of Can Ka No Rey shouting “FOOLED YOU! We’re not dead! Buttsex please!” and then emailing my abomination to Stephen King saying “See? This is what SHOULD have happened. You’re wrong. I’m awesome.”

3. The smug better-writer-than-thou attitudes of most fan-ficcers, especially regarding story or character cliches. Because, as everyone knows, it’s impossible for a Serious Writer to purposefully design their character to be a specific archetype to serve the story they’re writing. INCONCEIVABLE.

4. The tendency to combine disdain for what they consider to be cliches with a misguided sense of feminism which gives you gems like “when someone who was supposed to be New and Different and Egalitarian just gave you – yet another feeble female who gets killed off to motivate the Hero”. It comes off obnoxious and shrewish. Yes, it’s nice to have strong female leads in stories, movies, and tv. But it’s not appropriate to the story 100% of the time or it would be just as unrealistic as a strong male heroic lead 100% of the time. Art, on some level, imitates life–how many superheroes and amazonian women do you see running around? There needs to be a balance–weak men and women, shy men and women, self-serving men and women, etc. To point every time you see a weak female character and cry foul is tantamount to insisting that you’ve never in your life met a real woman who needed saving or was anything less than sure of herself at any point. For a group that is so demanding of ‘realism’, buttsex and delusions of grandeur aside, you need to be willing to accept a little realism in that not everyone is destined to be a hero.

5. The buttsex. This is not in any way coming from a place of homophobia, I just think that it’s ridiculous and laughable to write scenarios where every male character clearly has a thing for every other male character, and even if they’re enemies, it’s because they hate that they feel such burning passion for one another or some shit like that. For being so anti-cliche, they serve up an over-your-daily-reccommended-serving-size-according-to-the-USDA dollop of it with every dose of buttsex. Is the slash serving the fanfic, or is the point of the fanfic the slash? It’s almost always number two, and both you and I know what bodily function we associate with that number.

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  1. pretzelcoatl

    Despite only reading some fanfic and hearing stuff via osmosis, I can say:

    4. Well, unless we’re dealing with some female fanfic authors, in which case the women who the fic writer hates suffers some horrible death. The same usually doesn’t happen to male characters.

    5. Ugh, it kind of gets to me when people do this too, because any display of platonic friendship is conducive to fans going batshit and thinking it’s innuendo.

    1. admin

      4. Ugh.

      5. The way I figure it, either fanfic writers have raging passions burning for ALL of their friends, or they just don’t have any friends. Otherwise their lives are filled with innuendo and they are repressing themselves in every way imaginable! (zomg)

      1. pretzelcoatl

        Yeah, pretty much in both regards. I’ve only completed some fanfic once or twice and roleplayed with some preexisting characters. Although I find that it’s fun to build off some characters who lacked character development or to experiment a bit with some situations, usually in an amusing way, it seems kind of a waste to spend too much effort in developing a story. In some ways, it can be a nice challenge because you need to keep the character’s personality and voice in mind, and it’s fun to mimic that, but I guess I have too many original ideas I want to put to paper and don’t have the time.

        The fanfic authors I usually enjoy (i.e. people on my friends list) are writers in general, so they at least balance it out a bit.

      2. pretzelcoatl

        Also, 5 bothers me as well because I hate it when fangirls use their love of the buttsex as a cover for any prejudices they have regarding, gee I dunno, real gay/bisexual people.

        That may just be me. (actually, I know it isn’t, but it seemed like the right thing to say)

        1. admin

          It seems to me that fanfiction, more often than not, wrongfully stereotypes gay men, but I could just be oversensitive to the whole thing.

  2. mike8787

    I agree, but I must ask — where are you finding Stephen King fanfiction/slash fiction? Not because I want to read it, but because it perplexes me that such a thing exists.

    1. admin

      If Stephen King fanfiction/slash fiction actually exists, I’m blissfully unaware of it. That was just my extra-obnoxious take on fanfiction.

      1. Derelik

        Ugh… not that I’m aware of any existance of it as I myself hate fanfic with a passion too… but given the oddities internet has brought upon us, not only is HIGHLY likely that Stephen King slashfic DOES exist… but that RIGHT NOW someone is furiously fapping to it :S

    1. admin

      It’s just something I came up with because I’m fond of The Dark Tower but not the ending; it’s more in response to/parodying the people who are going nuts writing new, ‘fixed’ endings to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. If I don’t take a stand against pre-teens, who will?

  3. zophos

    You forgot the part about pretending that James T. Kirk is actually a fox with enormous balls (and Spock is a wolf with equally enormous balls).

  4. scrapdog

    I don’t really know much about what you’re talking about either… I have merely been tangentially exposed to it through allusions or plain word of mouth.

    But I have a hunch… am I off base? …that 90% of this “fanfic” you talk about involves Harry Potter and/or Bilbo Baggins?

    1. admin

      All I want to do is download the harry potter books without ending up with something that has a section about draco and malfoy lovingly cuddling one another after penetrating every orifice with their wands. Is that so much to ask?

      1. Anonymous

        why download?

        Harry Potter books are in every library in the world 0_o Even in Russia.
        PS; People at school immidiatly think that I am an anime loving, fanfic reading, dorky pervert just because I can draw.
        So I have been exposed to that kind of crime against literature by them persistant losers. (They wanted to vidiotape my FACE just like in family guy!)
        Are all artist (except yours trully) perverts?

  5. poetrix618

    The closest I’ve come to writing fanfiction was coming up with story lines for my pitch session for ST:TNG. It’s fun to take existing characters and enlarge their experiences. You have to walk a fine line between what’s fresh and what’s believable.

    I haven’t read fanfic before, but I would agree with you that the main draw for writing such things is to “fix” what’s wrong. Results are enjoyable only if you share the author’s peccadillos. (Same thing with alternate history, which as a Civil War buff I avoid like the black death because they usually involve lame-o confederate wet-dream scenarios, and I believe the war was won by the good guys to begin with.)

    1. admin

      I think that pitching storylines to an existing series is entirely different from fanfiction, in that there’s a POINT to pitching.

      I didn’t know you were a Civil War buff! Then you should know, the South doesn’t have to rise again because they actually won. YEE-HAW.

      And everyone born south of the Mason-Dixon has ENORMOUS balls.

          1. poetrix618

            How cliche, but there I was growing up in VA all that time, and the Ken Burns series did it. I was married when it aired, and both of us fell into it headfirst. If you haven’t seen the series, it’s amaaaaaazing. Really.

            We went to CW conventions, to Gettysburg, to Galena, IL and Brunswick ME to research some of our heroes. In Brunswick, I held (no gloves even!)the letter Joshua Chamberlain scrawled to his wife, Fanny, on his supposed death bed after the 2nd day at Gettysburg. His recovery from that wound made medical history.

            So, yeah, I could bore you to death.

          2. admin

            I think history can be fascinating, but I also think that most of the people who write about history must not like it very much–why else would the majority of history textbooks be SO dry?

            I had a high school history teacher named Mr. Burmeister who got very excited about the subject–leaping about the room discussing the seamy bits of history and passing around bayonets from his personal collection. He was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and through his enthusiasm, history came alive for his classes. If more teachers were like him, I think a whole lot of people would be more invested and interested in school in general.

          3. poetrix618

            Absolutely! History isn’t about dates. It’s about people and conflict. The best teachers know this. Mr. Hills’s 9th grade world history class was one of my favorite learning experiences ever. (I just wish I had an inspired math or science teacher.)

            If you ever want CW reading recommendations, I’m your girl.

          4. admin

            Go nuts! I have a lot of reading on my plate at the moment but I’m always looking for recommendations so I don’t have to sift through any crap to get to the good stuff. :)

            By the way, if your interest in history spreads to other areas, you should read ‘Sons of the Profits’ by William Speidel. They hawk it on the Underground Tour, and I picked up a copy. It’s all about Seattle’s settlement history, and it’s full of the filthy stuff and it’s amazing.

  6. gray_jedi

    My only exposure to the fanfic world was X-Files fic (back when I used to spend waaay too much time on And everything you’ve said is TRUE!

    This is one of the many reasons why I’m very much “meh” about the alleged “LiveJournal Purge”, or whatever it’s being called these days.

    1. admin

      It’s STRIKETHROUGH something or other. I can’t really get behind movements that restrict speech in the hopes of protecting THE CHEELDRYN (Won’t anyone PLEASE think of the children?) but I really can’t get behind poorly-written slash, either.
      As long as I’m not exposed to it for even a fraction of a second, it’s all good, but when it’s bandied about as “SO SUPERIOR TO THE ORGINAL” all over the internets, I feel I must begin the mocking and shaming process.

      I can’t wait to see the new X-Files movie on Friday! I remember when we went running through that cornfield across Highway C in honor of the first one. :D

  7. pete23

    slash slash slash!

    i don’t actually read any of it, but the fact that there’s a whole subculture dedicated to Belgarion the Sorceror meeting Dr Who in a bar and getting it the fuck on makes me erm… feel like it’s the endtimes, actually. but-sexy endtimes.

      1. Anonymous

        good spot. i think the hyphen may have been overdoing it though.

        answer? both!

        oh my, now fred flintstone and barney rubble have joined the mantrain. all aboard!

        1. admin

          But…I like abusing hyphens. :(

          Oh dear, now Willy Wonka has minced in, lilting in his sing-song voice “Whooooo wants caaaaandy? By which I mean my peeeeeeeeenis?”

  8. Anonymous

    Well, that’s not like it.
    I read fanfictions and rarely they are alternate endings or “this is how I think things should have gone”.
    Who decides to write a fanfiction on a fandom do it because he/she liked the work of the original autor, not because he didn’t.
    Most of the time they do it because they love the characters and they miss them (yes, I actually missed characters, like when I finally finished reading the Stand I wanted to read more, whished it was longer -yeah, THE STAND! =D -. I looked for fanfictions, KNOWING WERY WELL that they were not comparable to the original book.)
    Anyone wants to change the original script: fanfiction are called this way because are written by fans. FANS, dammit, people who LOVE the original work!

    1. admin

      To be fair, I haven’t read a whole lot of fanfiction, mostly stuff I’ve found while browsing around, so I can only talk about trends I’ve personally encountered. And though I haven’t read a lot of fanfiction, the ending fixing thing comes up a LOT.

      An Alternate Ending to the Crucible

      Here’s an alternate ending to Dr. Horrible, complete with slash pairings.

      Here’s another alternate ending to Dr. Horrible.

      Here are 63,000 Google hits to ‘fanfiction alternate ending’. Sure, some of them might be alternate endings to their own fanfiction, but not all of them.

      It’s not an uncommon trend to see something that happened in a book or a movie or tv and wish that something had happened differently–hollywood happy endings are that way for a reason; to please the masses. To actually rewrite these endings and present them as alternates I think takes away the power of the original ending, which is what the original writer chose, to make a point or to serve the story.

      I think a more powerful way to express your love of the original work is to use it as inspiration for your own original work–something that expresses what YOU like and how YOU think the characters should behave. Who knows, that way you might inspire a fandom of your own!

    2. catbar

      Loving fanfiction

      Well why not? I’m well over 20 and I don’t feel I’m pathetic for writing ‘this shit’.

      I reckon I have a good sense of humour and just enjoy trying out a different / alternative ‘take’ on fiction I’ve read – and liked.

      1. admin

        Re: Loving fanfiction

        But why not do it with your own characters? Give it a spark and a life that’s all yours instead of someone elses’?

        1. Nunya

          You can’t get that kind of crap published, that’s why. Any sane publishing house would take one look at something along the lines of Harry pootter buttsex with the names changed and go “uhhh, no. We can’t make money on that crap.” And so they are forced to site like ffnet for their buttsex needs.

  9. ekkostar

    I’m coming in on this late, but thank you for making me feel like I’m not the only one who is sick and tired of shipping and fan fiction. It’s fun when you’re 12 years old, but when you’re past 20 and doing this shit, it’s time to grow up.
    I’ve come to appreciate an author’s works of art for what they are and I really hate when the author actually gives in to the shippers’ wants because they feel threatened. The worst offender is the TV show House. The writers feel like they have to throw in House/Wilson crap for the retards that love it and it’s getting to the point now where it’s in every show, which is making me watch it less now. Giving in to shipping is also the reason why I refuse to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. I don’t think that an author/show writer or producer should feel that they have to bow down and cater to what the fans want. Sometimes you have to go against the grain.
    Every TV/Book writer thinks they have to be Joss Whedon or Chris Carter now for some reason.

    1. admin

      Caving in to fans’ wants is bad on a number of levels–it compromises whatever your artistic statement was (if indeed you had one), it’s SO LAZY, and what will please the majority of people will be just as generic as the things they’re railing about NOW.

      It’s never to late to start hating fanfiction–welcome to the club!

    2. pink_roses26

      The creators of Avatar didn’t give into shipping. I know a ton of people were rooting for Zutara to end up. Taht didn’t. I woudl recommend Avatar because it doesn’t give in to fans wants— it set out with Kataang, and ended with it, just like the creators planned all along.

  10. lcramirez23

    1. First of all, fan fiction is supposed to be about taking someone else’s idea and adding a twist to the story or makes it “different.” They want to share their thoughts about the subject with others and maybe make it funny. You think that just because they use the characters that someone else came up with because they are lazy when in reality they do it because they like the characters but they feel like it’s funny or cool to write a different story with the same characters as someone else. You just generalized all fanficcers into wanting to become “internet famous” by copying someone else’s work, but you don’t realize that maybe some fanficcer do it for fun! (Did you ever think of that, maybe you’re the one who is small-minded?)

    2. We all rewrite ending to books, movies, songs, etc. all the time. This doesn’t mean it’s because we want to get recognition for making it better or get published. I use it as a way to have fun or to express my dislike for a part or entire movie. When I come out of a movie theater I always mention ways that the film could have been better or funnier. You probably do it to, so it’s absurd and stupid to dislike fan fiction when you have done it at one point or another in your life. This makes you a hypocrite; you should stop posting things that make you look dumb. Nobody is writing fan fiction because they think they know better than the original writer, who ever said this is why they do fan fiction? You say you refrained from writing an alternate ending to The Dark Tower and yet here you are telling everyone a version of the alternate ending that you came up with. This is called fan fiction; do you not see that you just did it? Just because you didn’t send it to Stephen King doesn’t mean it wasn’t thought of.

    3. Stop caring so much about other people, if they think that they are better than other then so be it. I know that not everyone writes fan fiction because they think they can do it better. If they did think like that then they would be so good that they wouldn’t need to do fan fiction they would do their own stuff.

    4. You keep trying to set rules for writing fan fiction. Why does there have to be any? This is just for fun. Granted that some might want to get money out of it, but that’s not everyone. It doesn’t matter if the women are the heroes or they are killed. It makes a story different from all of the ones we are used to. Face it, the movies today rarely have a female hero, without being part of a group of heroes. And if she gets killed then great that changes the story a bit and adds drama. After all drama makes things more interesting. Stop criticizing other people’s fan fiction. If you really don’t like it then stop talking shit about it and just ignore it.

    5. This one is just wrong. Of course you are a homophobe or else you wouldn’t feel the need to put a disclaimer. There aren’t a lot of movies with gay super heroes. People feel the need to express themselves, after all how can you fantasize about being with a super hero if they aren’t gay. It might be fun for some people to do this. In many ways you are discriminating because you don’t like for people to express themselves. If people want to see super heroes or characters having buttsex just let them.

    Finally, It pisses me off that you talk about fan fiction like if you were a published writer and had something stolen from you. When in reality I think you are either jealous that you can’t come up with funny, silly or nasty fan fiction or are too scared to let other people see it. If you don’t like it be the bigger person and ignore it! :@ :@ :@

    1. Mellzah

      Congratulations for solving the mysteries of me in one insightful comment!

      1. I’ve occasionally pondered that I might be small-minded, but my small-mindedness didn’t allow me the possibility to pursue it further.

      2. There are things that I like and don’t like about various books, movies, and songs, but no, I don’t rewrite them to suit my liking better. It is art, and is not collaborative. The dark tower part I will spell out for you: I was making a J-O-K-E.

      3. And yet I’m not the one that cares so much about what someone else thinks that I wrote a long-winded comment about a blog post that’s five years old. Pot, meet kettle?

      4. I’m not setting rules. I explained why I don’t like fanfiction. That’s it.

      5. Get bent. You are not allowed to define my relationship with the gay community based on one blog post.

      And yes, I have had work stolen from me, and worse, used as fanfiction. You can comment all you like here, but don’t tell me to shut up on my own blog.

  11. Tori a really pissed of fangirl

    This article pisses me off, not because I find it offensive of homophobic, but because I feel that if someone wants to express themselves online. No one ever said that they thought themselves superior to the original author-maybe some do, but it’s not fair to stick them all with this label. It’s no different then writing your own book, except that it’s slightly easier because the author has already created a canon to work with. And while I usually hate slash because it lacks originality and logic, I’ve found some published pieces that are good enough to be published. I’ve also found that it’s more fun to ask, “What would this character do in this situation?” then to spend one’s weekend coming up with a new idea. Like books, as long as the fanfiction isn’t too OOC or lacking in logic, I’m willing to give it a try. Keep an open mind, and who knows? You may find yourself liking it :)

  12. Claire

    Psst. It’s a free country, feel free to hate something, but don’t A) Try and tell somebody they have no right to write fanfiction and ship people if they want, and B) DO NOT get mad when people disagree with you. You have a right to an opinion, and other people have a right to disagree.

    -Claire G.

  13. Nick, the guy who feels stupid commenting on a 2008 blog post

    1. It’s not “piggybacking.” It’s quite often a writing exercise, or perhaps just for fun. I’ve never heard of any fanfic writers becoming internet famous. Fanfics themselves do (very rarely), but never for positive reasons.
    2. I’ve seen plenty of these, but few have the audacity to call themselves fixing the ending. On, those that do typically get less “favs” (their rating scale) then those that don’t. Since only members can fav stories, the authors of the stories on the site actually agree with you on this one. You may find it interesting to note that Stephen King, on a commision, wrote a Sherlock Holmes case.
    3. Really? Most fanfic writers I’ve seen haven’t mentioned those kinds of things in there stories. I’ve seen some sarcastic impression of archetypes stories like that are usually somewhat funny. Plenty of archetypes are very overused. Maybe there mentioned in personwoth fanfiction writers, but is that really relevant to a critique on fanfiction itself?

    4. Typically, the main character of the original story is the main character of the fanfic, so no gender bias there (at least, no unusual gender bias). Maybe in fanfics that revolve around mary sues (ridiculously “perfect” girls invented by the author) have a female slant (which isn’t a problem by itself), but those stories tend to suck, anyway.
    5. One thing that others me about fanfiction with gay and lesbian people is that there is no moderation. Your argument number 4, actually. I would like nothing more to see a fanfic that have an equal number of heterosexual and homosexual pairings. My second problem is closer to your argument number 5. The fact that 90% of fanfiction with a homosexual interpretation of the main character has him or her banging twice a “chapter.” It’s more like porn then writing. On the other hand, of the protagonist is heterosexual, the fanfic is often a well written and somewhat heartwarming. Seriously, why the double-standard?
    My primary argument with the post is this – It raises no critical arguments against the concept of fanfiction itself. At best, it points out critical errors in a third of stories.

  14. Nicholas Kawamura

    1. Not true. There’s no profit, and and only a very slight chance for a little infamy. It’s all harmless pleasure (for both writers and readers) and perhaps writing practice as well. If anything, fanfiction serves as advertisement for original works. I can think of three works I bought off the top of my head that I found on Besides, fanfiction predates the internet anyway (even before the fanzines was the Aeneid, Dante, and lots of Shakespeare plays).
    2. I have never seen a case where someone says that his or her own version of the story was better than the original work. Sure, I’ve seen alternate endings, and yes, illiterate commenters sometimes write,”omg lolol this is alot bttr then the real 1!” And I look through the Mass effect archives, which is arguably the number one cause of fans saying “What the heck was that!?!?
    3. Same as # 2. You seem to be acting like you don’t realise that borrowing too many archetypes and cliches without some new and innovative spin on them is arguablly: “…Lazy. instead of coming up with their own characters, [writers] piggyback on an actual writer’s hard work…”
    4. Hear hear! Now what does that have to do with fanfiction, again? It’s not like fanfiction is the only place you see this. It’s natural, really. Some people want to distance themselves from the old sexism as far as possible and that means anything associated with it has to go. Gender bias is almost equally common in fanfiction and most other forms of media. It’s only that a larger amount of those biased people fall on the strong women side; probably because of all those angsty high school girls who think they can write.
    5. Almost the same as # 4. I would be very happy if I saw that someone wrote a story with a straight pairings:not straight pairings ratio of 1:1. It would seem that some fans can see anything as shipping fuel, and love to write gay and lesbian pairings (With sex, of course. No such thing as an innocent homosexual pairing according to these guys). Especially with any Japanese media, but with the very effeminate boys in their stories they wer kind of asking for it. This is neither unique to fanfiction nor homosexuality. Romances between two straight characters can be on a pretty flimsy basis, too. (Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night has three couples marry in the final scene, one without so much as a hinting at romance before.).
    My greatest argument against this is that, ultimately, every reason except # 1 on this list is completely irrelevevant. Only that has anything to do with fanfiction itself, rather than mentioning the “tendency to” or describing “most authors.”

  15. fritzwilldo

    Don’t even ask me how I got here.

    Your Dark Tower ‘fanfiction’ (yeah, joke, whatever) made me laugh.

    Then I laughed even harder when I realized I wouldn’t put it past Stephen King to write something just like that. Seriously.

    1. Mellzah

      You know, the same thought occurred to me as I was making the joke. If the big bad guy can be taken out by diarrhea multiple times in King’s books, anything is possible.

  16. Lanny

    That’s fucking great. A bunch of probable-uggos sitting around their computers getting all worked up about someone’s BLOG about fan fiction. Really? You’re going to convince someone that you’re right by being abusive and insulting? A bunch of people who write fiction ABOUT fiction ON THE INTERNET, hiding BEHIND the internet to abuse someone who merely wrote an opinion about something.


  17. Krist

    I don’t think that it’s that they want recognition…It’s just that, they’ve become so attached to a character, they can’t stand that their story is over. There are a lot of ‘meh’ fanfic writers, and there are a lot of fantastic writers. I very much enjoy reading fanfiction, because I myself hate to see the story or characters end.

  18. Akiko

    I used to love fanfiction, then I read a certain fanfic in December 2013 that made me depressed. Who the fuck gives a character from a TV show cancer? I think that idea is totally sadistic. I’m suffering from cancer too and it’s not cool. I really, really wonder why people do this. This cancer-love-story thing (how I call it) is not cute. It’s definitely not cute. Like I already said it, it’s sadistic and also depressing. That’s why I don’t read fanfiction anymore, some ff’s are bad too and sometimes they come up with disgusting ideas like the one that was mentioned here. I don’t want to go trough the same pain again. I have enough.

    1. Mellzah

      I’m so sorry that reading for pleasure resulted in more pain for you. I hope that your health improves and that you have good people fighting with you.

    2. Chivalry

      I suffered from cancer 5 years ago (I was 11), and I completely understand where you are coming from. I hate the cancer-love thing that people seem to find cute of late. It’s why I can’t read or watch The Fault in Our Stars. It takes something that is truly horrible and romanticises it. Cancer is horrible and should never be taken lightly. This goes for any disease too.
      All the best. Hope you get better soon :)

  19. 6 years late Hannah

    I feel you’re only conentrating on one aspect of fanfiction, as someone who loves it I hope to give you some plausible reasons for why it’s good:
    1) It keeps the stories running – I’m a massive harry Potter fan, so you can imagine the massive void in my life after the books and films had finished, with fanfics you can look into minor characters and the past and future and it just puts you further into the world you love
    2) Venting – as I’ve only read/written for Harry Potter I’m afraid I can only link it to that, but, I loved the Marauder’s story and wanted to know so much more about the love, excitement, and deception. I only knew tiny amount and was already heartbroken so fanfic’s like a release of that
    3) Fantasy – everyone has their own fantasies that are really out there, and fanfics may be your only time to express that, just imagine how great it is to be given your own characters you love who you’ve already bonded with which you can have doing the things you love too

    It’s not laziness either, if you love a story or the characters so much it’s amazing to be able to control them. Plus I never expected world wide recognition for mine, I don’t want to be an author, but fanfiction is just for personal enjoyment.

    Yes, some people take it WAY too far and do stupid stuff and put buttsex in EVERYTHING, I have a friend that loves them but I just think it’s wrong twisting characters and ‘shipping’. But I also don’t like how people see that one part and hate all fanfic because of that. The side I love is continuing beautiful stories and living in the fantasy world you’ve dreamed about, keeping the story going and expanding on the books so the book’s world suddenly becomes a universe. It CAN show disturbed fantasies and written porn, but it can also show the passion in writers and how much fans love the story.

    Sorry if that was too long, I realized how much I had to say about three sentences in

    1. Mellzah

      It’s not too long to passionately defend something you love! Thank you for your feedback, I’m trying to be more fair in my assumptions about it.

  20. Chivalry

    Haha, your Dark Tower example is very interesting. Personally I loved the ending to the book. He did warn you ;P But hey, at least Roland has the horn this time, so maybe things would be different? We can wonder, but I have never even thought about writing a version where he finally gets it, because it’s not my right.
    To me, that’s what it’s all about. Right. I put hours and hours into my characters, and nobody has the right to abuse them other than me. I understand them, because I created them. I am them. Nobody has a right to pretend that they know me better than me.
    I shouldn’t have commented. Fanfiction makes me so angry XD


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