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STILL no Elvis sightings

I’ve finished the desk drawers, lined them, and put on the pulls, and while the bird skulls LOOK awesome, there’s something about the curvature of the drawers and the thickness of the wood that makes them cling tight to the face of the drawers, making them difficult to open even when empty–when filled, I imagine it would be near-impossible, so I’ve contacted the seller to return them. Oh well, I suppose I’ll find something I like as much, and in the meanwhile, I’ve got a LOT of other things to do because we got the house! We’ve signed the lease and move in on April 16th. I’m fixing up some furniture in my place to go into what we have deemed to be the “game room” (the most important room of the house for us nerds), and in addition to that, I need to pack up all my crap. I’m excited to be in the new place, but I HATE moving, all of the packing and unpacking and the periods before and after when each place looks like a tornado hit it, and the period toward the end when you think “Ok, I’ve just got one more box to pack” and when you’ve finished packing that box, the amount of crap in your place is somehow exactly the same, and it ends up being another six boxes before all is said and done. Once we’re there, I’m going to get my hands on a cheap old oven to put in the garage and I can FINALLY start monster makeup school, which I am seriously excited about.

I’ve got some things to write about and post here but I’ve been keeping myself so busy that blogging has really taken a back burner. I’m hoping to get on the wagon again soon–I’ve been posting here for just about seven years and it’s not something I want to fall out of the habit of doing entirely.

Still no Elvis sightings

Aside from yesterday, which I spent gossiping with Jeanine, looking at housewares, and drinking coffee, I have spent the week sanding and staining my desk–I finished sanding the drawers on Tuesday and applied my first coat of stain to them that day as well. I also sanded down the top of my coffee table–on one of his first nights over, Jason pulled my scented oil bath and body works doodad out of the wall and set it down on the table so he’d have a place to plug in his laptop. Hours later, I noticed that oil had leaked out and onto the table, and when I went to wipe it away, it took ALL of the finish with it. I was pretty upset, but the table had to be refinished anyway as a hot white pizza box had left a big mark on it a few months earlier, so this wasn’t the first finish ding, though it was the impetus to finally fix it instead of looking at it and mumbling that it really ought to be refinished someday.

Wood stain is pretty magical–I’ve been using a water-based ebony stain as I want the desk to be near-black when I’m done–but it’s really quite remarkable how different the stain looks on different wood. On the oak of the desk, it immediately picked up red and amber qualities, making it a rich warm brown. On the pine (I’m fairly certain it’s pine from the smell it released when I was sanding it) of the coffee table, the stain immediately turned it a cooler brown-grey. I am six coats in on the drawers and five coats on the table. The drawers I am going to continue to stain until they turn black or very close to black, and I estimate that I am perhaps two to three coats away from that. I’m hoping to stop on the table before it turns black, however, there is a part that has been more resistant to the stain and I’m going to keep coating it until it’s even, regardless of how dark it gets.

The gunmetal bird skull drawer pulls arrived in the mail today and they are AWESOME. I can’t wait until the desk is all done and put back together, because it’s going to look amazing. I can see why people get hooked on refinishing furniture!

I used to have a headboard…

New bed! So tall and puffy, it may no longer be physically possible for the dog to climb in and put his butt on my pillow, which is his favorite thing to do when I’m out and about and he can’t put his ass directly in my face. However, it may not be physically possible for me to get in, either.

Boingy, boingy, boingy!

Jason starts his new job tomorrow, which means that we’re back to living in separate apartments during the week until we get into a place together that’s closer to his work. It’s completely sappy and ridiculous but he has been here nearly every day and night save one or two since I was fired and I am afraid I’ll be a bit lost without him here. I’m so proud of him, and happy that he’ll be doing something he enjoys, but this in-between time has potential to be lonely unless I keep my hands busy, so I expect that I’ll be doing a lot more crafting and writing and other projects to stay occupied (in addition to looking for work, of course).

We went and looked at houses to rent this weekend and found one we loved–our application is first in line there so our chances of getting it are pretty good. We saw another where we initially got an application but as we discussed it, it wouldn’t be right for us, and saw a third that we didn’t even bother to get an application for–it was just as expensive at maybe a quarter of the size of the one we love in a crummier neighborhood. As it will just be the two of us, we don’t necessarily need a huge space, and if a home was smaller and very well-kept or smaller and at least better-priced, I could be quite content there, but if I can have a home with a huge front deck where I can look at mountains AND a large garage in which I can do monster makeup and play with power tools AND a big kitchen AND an assload of storage AND the owner takes care of lawn maintenance for the same price as a home with a falling-down fence and plastic roof above the patio next to a bunch of houses with an abundance of stupid crap in the yard and “beware of guard dog” signs, I’m going to take the former every time. We saw another on craigslist that looks lovely, so if we don’t get this first one, we won’t be devastated. There’s plenty of time!

The new bed arrives on Wednesday, and the salesperson actually told us to jump on it a little to break in the springs, and that it will be a while until the bed is as comfortable as the one in the showroom because it hasn’t had a metric ton of asses on it already. The old bed seems to know its time is limited, and it’s grown ever more determined to draw blood as at least three new springs have emerged over the course of the weekend. I may elect to sleep on the couch until Wednesday, just in case it achieves full sentience and attempts to eat me alive before the delivery people cart it off to its destruction.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do some more sanding on my desk and maybe post a real entry about the non-domestic sorts of things I did this weekend. MAYBE EVEN WITH PICTURES. Maybe.

I demand that everything conforms to my ass.

We spent today looking for a new bed as my vintage 2004 Ikea is starting to pop springs and frankly no one wants a spring up their ass while they try to sleep. I have been sleeping like shit lately, tossing and turning because the bed makes my whole body ache, trying to find a position that’s slightly comfortable for a short while, and an hour later, I’m up and flipping around again.

Our new bed journey started at Sleep Number, to figure out what we were looking for in terms of firmness level–we’re a 35 and a 45, respectively, so we both want something more on the plush side. The Sleep Number guy really tried to get us to take the plunge today, but we wanted to go try some other beds and see how we liked them. This decision would be much easier if we were allowed to determine maximum comfort levels by taking off our pants, but as it turns out, that’s something that’s frowned upon in most retail establishments.

After flipping in and out of about fifty beds, we found one at Sleep Country that was just about perfect. I ended up laying half on the bed and half on Jason and moaned “Oh god, I’m so comfortable, I think I’m gonna drool.”

“You just go ahead and drool, baby.”

It’s not a project unless toxic chemicals are involved.

I just spent an hour at home depot talking with an employee about refinishing the desk I bought a long time ago with intentions of refinishing. Eventually in the new place I’d like to use it as a makeup vanity instead of a computer desk because it could amply store my buttloads of makeup and be less awkward to use than the dresser I’ve been using. Since I’ve got a ton of free time now, what better time to do some of the projects I’d been putting off, right?

I brought in one of the drawers so he could determine what wood it was made from, and brought photos of the damaged areas to best determine how to go about fixing them–apparently I got the score of the century when I bought it as I got it dirt cheap and it’s oak which is a spendier hardwood. The employee mentioned liking the hardware on the desk and I scoffed, saying I wanted to replace it, but apparently I can sell the hardware for something like thirty bucks a pop on craigslist because you can’t get hardware like it anymore. If that’s true, I’ll be glad to sell it instead of just chucking it like I’d intended. I don’t think what’s on there now will go with the ebony finish I’m applying, and I’m thinking I’d like something a little more modern on there regardless. Or awesome. Like bird skulls.

So over the next couple of days, I’m going to be sanding and staining–and, apparently, if I don’t use proper ventilation, according to the home depot employee, I’ll also be “talking to Elvis”. It’s nice to have projects to work on! And maybe I’ll get some sandwich-making tips from the King.